Swop Till You Drop








UI/UX Design | 2017 | Design Sprint | Customer Journey | New York Code and Design Academy school project


Almost everybody has clothes they don’t wear anymore. The market of cheap ‘fast fashion’ is growing and people are constantly buying new clothes. We created a solution for this problem. A platform to lend clothes from other members and earn credit by lending out your own. You don’t need to spent money on new clothes, you fight overconsumption and still have a continuously updated wardrobe.

We did comparative and competitive research on the internet and in Amsterdam. Conclusion: there was no existing concept for our problem (at that time), only a few comparative companies in Amsterdam with a slightly different focus point. 

We’ve interviewed these companies and found out they had no focus on online business. In order to achieve scale advantage an online presence was needed. This way we could achieve our main goal: make it easy as possible to swop clothes. We’ve decided to make a webshop with extra webshop with extra services to make it easy to swop clothes with other people.  

With a prototype in Balsamiq, we tested if the concept was understandable. After testing we’ve changed and tested the design over and over, until we’ve reached an understandable design. 

I’ve worked together with 2 other UX students and 3 developers. Working with developers was a good learning experience. It’s important to communicate clearly with developers and involve them in the design process.